Success stories


Find inspiration to reach your healthy weight goals with these true stories of weight loss success.

Biking for health

Bob was overweight, but couldn't find time for exercise. He worked hard and traveled a lot for his job. Fast-food meals were a way of life on the road. A heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery gave him the motivation he needed to start biking — and change his life.
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From dieting to eating well

Over the years, Dawn followed many different weight loss plans. Each one worked for a while, but she always went back to her old eating habits and gained weight again. Dawn lost 35 pounds in 1 year on a healthy weight program, and learned a new set of every day eating habits.
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Keeping up with the kids

Jaci felt like she was missing out on her sons' lives because she didn't have the energy to be active. Little steps with big results helped her lose 50 pounds. For Jaci, exercise was the key to breaking through her weight goals.
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Ending the fast food cycle

Jeremy grew up active, always playing sports. But he never gave healthy eating much thought until he started gaining weight after college. Planning meals has been a key to Jeremy's success.
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Managing blood pressure with healthy eating

Loralie's eating habits caused her to gain weight, and her blood pressure was high. She had given up on losing weight. After several visits to the emergency room with very high blood pressure, Loralie was inspired to change. She lost more than 40 pounds and her blood pressure is under control, thanks to better eating habits.
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Fitting in favorite foods

Maggie lost weight a few years ago, but she couldn't keep the pounds off. She didn't eat enough food, so she was hungry all the time. And she never ate the food she really loved — like pizza — so she overate other foods. Then she changed the way she looked at food and what it meant to be healthier. She lost 50 pounds and is now at her goal weight.
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 Reviewed by: Adam Tsai, MD, November 2018