Preventive tests and exams


Scheduled health maintenance

You've got a lot to do, but don't let that stop you from maintaining your health. We all know someone who gets his car's oil changed like clockwork, but he won't go to the doctor unless he's really sick. Is that you?

If you have health problems, need help making healthy changes, or take medications, don't wait until you feel sick to see your doctor. Sometimes the best time to see your doctor is when you're feeling healthy, because you can catch early signs of disease and make small changes to your lifestyle to stay healthy. Getting a flu shot every year can keep you out of your doctor's office.

How often should you get preventive tests done? Check out our preventive care guidelines or email your doctor.

Blood pressure
Cholesterol test
Colorectal cancer screening
Hepatitis C
Lung cancer screening
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test

Reviewed by: Craig Robbins, MD, November 2018

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